It’s not only about making a fair return, it’s also about paying it forward.

A big part of our philosophy at Robinson Capital is rooted in the experiences of our Chairman and CEO, Wes. Early in his professional career, he was at a crossroads when someone saw the potential in his business and provided assistance to him when he needed it.

Now, he wants to put some of his capital to work by giving businesses that might not fit the mold the “leg up” they need to move forward and keep growing.

At Robinson Capital, we believe in direct, one-to-one relationships.

Here, there is no executive row. No gleaming office tower. No thick bureaucracy or layers of management approval. Just you and your business, and Wes and his capital.

While we don’t require a face-to-face meeting, if you feel one would have value once we’ve signed and executed the Term Sheet, Wes is happy to meet. Just contact our office to determine a time and place that you could come and meet with him and you will have his undivided attention.

We consider applicants from all sectors because opportunity knows no boundaries.

Often, businesses with the best opportunities for growth come out of left field, yet they’re poised for profitable expansion.

But all too often, they can’t secure the necessary capital from banks and other conventional institutions precisely because, to those lenders, the opportunity isn’t obvious or proven. Those traditional sources of capital are most comfortable repeating what has work for them in the past, and looking to the future is seen as too risky.

That’s where Robinson Capital comes in. We’re willing to step in and help those atypical businesses with non-bankable capital requirements. We consider qualified applicants from any and all business sectors. And if, after doing our due diligence, we find it is a good fit, we will provide the capital needed to finance your next phase of growth.

To be clear, we provide capital financing to existing businesses. We don’t invest in dreams.

At Robinson Capital, we hold entrepreneurs who have the courage to start a new business venture in the highest regard, but we do not fund start-ups. We focus our resources on helping existing businesses.

To us, our capital is best invested in businesses that have proven their viability in the marketplace, and are fully prepared to move forward into a bigger and better future. All that’s missing for them is the capital to make it happen and we are excited by the opportunity to help them realize their ambitions.

Our criteria for assessing candidates is clear, consistent and rigorous.

The criteria we use to qualify business applicants for capital funding is designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for all concerned.

We urge anyone considering approaching us to review our “Funding Criteria” document to more fully understand our requirements and expectations. If you find them acceptable, then we would welcome your application for capital funding and look forward to working through the details with you.

If you don’t think the fit is right for your business, we wish you every success in your future endeavours.