Att’n Investors and Brokers

Good day:

I am writing to you as an investor, not a broker or intermediary, to assist qualified investors in cutting through the smoke and mirrors, and a lot of fraud, involving the so-called Platform Trading Programs. The amount of fraud out in the market place is unbelievable, and I’ve personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in vetting and weeding out bogus opportunities, and now have a select group of investment firms with whom I invest. The purpose of this note is to enable “the money” to cut through the nonsense and have me introduce investors directly to the decision makers in the groups I have underwing, so that you can work with investment firms that are not part of the “programs”, frauds and such that are listed in the following link.

Let’s be clear – I am doing this for both of us. The investor gets fast-tracked into at least one or two groups that are real and who perform, who’s corporate banking has been vetted, and I gradually recover some of the costs I’ve put forth over the years, to screen and vet the bad ones out and keep the good ones in.

Also, again, to be clear, I am not a broker. I am asking for an introductory fee only, and this is to be paid AFTER I have put the investor directly in contact with the decision maker of the group. Whether the investor does anything or not is none of my business. I do not want a percentage of the profits or payouts. That’s for brokers.

Not only will this service enable investors to avoid fraudulent “programs”, it will enable the investor, to avoid the often huge daisy chain of brokers that often times causes delays, poor communication, sometimes put transactions at risk, and who all want a piece of the action. However, what I do stress is, should an investor come to me by way of a broker, or a broker chain, please have your business agreements in place with these people, as I do not want anyone adding value to be cut out. However, I will only speak with the investor, and introduce the investor to my key relationships. Let’s keep focused on the goal.

In place is a simple pre-qualification process, so that I protect my key relationships from random posers. Once an investor is qualified, I will introduce him/her/the entity directly to the key person of at least one group, two – depending on the commitment level, to start the process.

Should you wish to receive my procedural and pre-qualifying document, please let me know by email at, and I will send it within 24 hours during the business week. Once returned, we can start the process of making the introduction and I’ll then bow out graciously.

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to have $100M USD/EURO minimum to be considered as an investor.

Thank you.

Wes Robinson
Family Office
Phone: +1 (902) 488-9734