Do you Require Capital for Life Settlement Purchases and/or Premium Finance lending?

Attention Life Settlement Buyers and Premium Financiers

For those of you that are looking to acquire a single, a few, or a large portfolio of policies, as a one off or as an ongoing process, we may be able to provide financing with reasonable terms.

What I require from you is:

– the purchase price/value of the policy(ies)

– your ongoing anticipated cash flow stream, that is, premium outflow and maturities inflow. Please state if you require financing for the ongoing premiums

– your skin in the game, that is, the dollars you are prepared to put forth as a down payment, to show you’re serious.

Please send these details to rather than posting it publicly.

Upon review, we will get back to you with a yes/no, and ideally an offer to fund, within 48-72 hours (2-3 business days).

Also, if you would like to be your own premium finance provider, please advise, along with what you would be prepared to put forth as a down payment should we finance the start up or add to what you have. We have experience in the life settlement and premium finance spaces.

Thank you, and please share with your colleagues that may suit this opportunity.