Motivation vs Inspiration – What is best?

Motivation or inspiration – what is really the best attribute to have as an individual? We often hear about someone who is highly motivated, yet rarely hear of someone being highly inspired. Is there a reason? Is there confusion between the two words? They are not interchangeable. Let’s take a look at these two words and their respective meanings, and answer this question.

Simply put, motivation is external and inspiration is internal. Let me explain:

A motivated person receives their drive to proceed based on outside factors. These factors may be positive or negative. Winning a prize, or earning enough money to pay that large month end bill. Motivation can be known as “loud” when I compare the two terms, and one only has to look as far as motivational speakers to understand this point. One who is motivated uses the enormity of the carrot or stick (which ever the case may be) to summon up the energy to take action. A motivated person believes that action is the way to achievement, and in many cases, enormous amounts of energy are expended to achieve the desired result. This person is known as a highly motivated person.

An inspired person receives their drive to proceed based on internal factors. Inspiration is quiet. Inspiration is all about how you feel inside as it relates to what you want. Once you have identified what it is that you want, and get yourself into alignment with this “want”, so that you’re living, breathing, feeling as if it’s already happened, and seeing it manifest into your reality is simply the next logical step, you are inspired. Then, from this position of inspiration, you will take inspired action, that is, doing what’s required of you at the right time, speaking to the right people, having people come into your experience with uncanny timing, and you may say to yourself that the stars have aligned. Inspiration is fun and easy. Becoming inspired takes practice and consistency, and as one that practices this every day, I’m not 100%, but I do continue to work at it.

Being motivated can generate results, but often at a significant price, that being hard work and sometimes physical strain. Inspiration is exciting – you can do your work all day long and feel energized, and when you’re on a roll, it just keeps getting better.

Inspiration and inspired action is what will take you to the next level, regardless of how high a level you are at present. There’s always room for growth, because we can’t be stagnant – if we’re not growing, we are declining.

What I find exciting is, some people start off as being highly motivated on a specific task, and without realizing it, move into inspiration, and they perform at high levels. Is Highly Motivated really confused with being Motivated, then Inspired?

Motivation, as I’d mentioned before, often carries the carrot and stick mentality. Inspiration is much more fun, relaxing, enjoyable, and you sit in amazement as problems get solved, road blocks disappear, and the solution or goal presents itself.

Give this some thought, the next time a challenge, goal, problem, etc. appears in front of you. Use the tool of inspiration – you’ll be surprised to see what happens if you’re committed to the change of focus.

You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey. Look at yourself and ask if you’re operating from a motivational or inspirational position.

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