Opening Doors for Fellow Investors Like Me

Good day:

This note is primarily directed to sophisticated investors, yet can be applicable to high end advisors and brokers with wealthy clients. I am an investor – no axe to grind or commission objectives. Been there, done that many years ago, so I respect both sides of the playing field.

There is a lot of talk about there about “trade/trading programs” or “trade/trading platforms”, and most of it comes with a bad name, deservedly so. How does one weed through the bogus to find the bona fide? I’ve invested a lot of time and money vetting opportunities, and have developed relationships with which I invest, and who actually generate revenue for me, as opposed to having my attorneys chase them down for a return of funds.

To be clear – I’m not selling investments. I’m offering a door opening service to qualified investors, who want to get fast-tracked into at least one, possibly two suitable and credible investment firms that cater to the sophisticated investor. Whether you decide to do anything or not is not my business.

The returns can be extraordinary because the methods are extraordinary. It’s all about elements of leverage and risk mitigation, and that works for me. It might work for you as well. You can pick the brains of the key decision maker(s) of the group, to see if it suits you.

There are no smoke and mirrors. None of the incorrect talk about MT760s and such, by people that don’t know what they’re doing. I’ll put you, the investor, directly in touch with the investment firm, and I then back out.

I am asking for an introductory fee only, and this is to be paid AFTER I have put you, the investor directly in contact with the decision maker of the group. I do not want a percentage of the profits or payouts. That’s for brokers. This simply enables me to recover part of the investment I’ve made over the years – a win/win for both of us.

Should an investor come to me by way of a broker or a broker chain, please have your business agreements in place with these people, as I do not want anyone adding value to be cut out. However, I will only speak with the investor, and introduce the investor to my key relationships. Let’s keep focused on the goal.

In place is a simple pre-qualification process, so that I protect my key relationships from random posers. Once an investor has been pre-qualified, I will introduce him/her/the entity directly to the key person of at least one group, two – depending on the commitment level, to start the process.

Should you wish to receive my pre-qualification package, please let me know by email at , and I will send it within 24 hours during the business week. Once returned, we can start the process of making the introduction and I’ll then bow out graciously.

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to have $100M USD/EURO minimum to be considered as an investor, or be required to have a charity or humanitarian entity that will benefit by your profits. Those are all red flags.

Thank you, and please “like” this article to spread the word, and feel free to share this with investors, brokers and your connections that may appreciate this opportunity.