Your Wants – Which Perspective Describes You?

Okay, this article gets back into the macro sphere, and is not industry specific. It’s all about knowing what you want, and how you look at your wants, that is, your perspective, and what that means.

Sit back and think for a moment – what do you really want? It may be a relationship, a home, business, cash on hand, income, a fancy car – you name it, as all of our wants are very personal. And if this want is big, you can most likely feel the “fire in the belly” when you think of it…. Or for some people, it’s a feeling of angst. Please allow me to expand.

When you determine what you want – that goal, be it big, small, short term or long term, you look at it one of two perspectives and either create the feeling/image of having it, or the feeling/image of the lack of having it. It’s the difference between, “Yes, I’m going to get that, and I’m making progress every day and I’m living it right now” kind of mindset, or “Wow, I’ve worked so hard, it hasn’t come yet, and I really, really want that, and it’s always just out of reach, and I don’t know how I’m going to get it” mindset. You get the picture. And it’s common for everyone to flip back and forth from time to time between those mindsets. We’re human. What counts is your dominant thought.

If your focus is that of having achieved it, you will know what it feels like when you have it, enjoy it, revel in the success of it, even before it takes place. And when it does, it will simply be the next logical step. You’ve pre-paved the way for it to happen. You’ve lived it, even before receiving/achieving it, so it will happen.

If your focus is on the lack of having achieved your goal, and your dominant thoughts are on the lack, and the angst or negative emotions that are part of that mindset, you will attract much more of the same, that is, the lack of having achieved your goal.

No amount of action can overpower your dominant thought. So, if your dominant thought is on the “feeling of achievement”, then regardless of the twists and turns on the path to your want, it will happen. If your dominant thought is on the negative side, then no amount of hard work and strife will enable you to achieve your want…. And if by chance you DO achieve it, it will come at a tremendous price, be it physical, emotional, or relationship wise. That is a price not worth paying.

Thoughts become things, people. It’s not that hard, but it is a habit. Our thoughts are the ONLY thing in life that we can control. The beautiful thing is, you can either take this and run with it, or discard it. We all decide for ourselves.


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